Turn Back The Clock With Sculptra Injectable

Sculptra Injectable The Long-Lasting Solution that Boosts Your Own Collagen

Sculptra Injectable is the perfect addition to traditional HA fillers such as Restylane, Restylane Lyft, and other HA fillers.

You can now look younger longer while simultaneously benefiting from the immediate results of HA fillers. Dr. Mir Varques believes in utilizing various methods to turn back the clock. We are now offering Sculptra Injectable at Belle D’ Mir Spa as an alone standing solution or as an addition to HA Fillers.  Sculptra injectable works by stimulating collagen and elastin fibers, which helps to re-volumize naturally. The concept of volume loss in the aging face (and body) is a relatively new realization that is now openly shared by experts in the Anti-Aging industry.

Real Patient Before Sculptra Treatment 

* Courtesy of Sculptra Aesthetic

Real Patient after 3 Sculptra Treatments 
*Courtesy of Sculptra Aesthetic

Instant Gratification and Long-Lasting Results can be achieved by combining HA Fillers and Sculptra

HA Dermal Fillers provide short-lasting (4-6 months) results that are visible instantly. Sculptra injectable provides long-lasting (2 years or longer) results that improve gradually. The exact outcome of Sculptra depends on various factors, including the patient’s age at the time of treatment, genetics, and overall skin condition. Smoking is a huge contributor to accelerating the aging process.
 Up until about two decades ago, correction for loose skin was provided via Plastic Surgery only. Post-surgical patients were pleased with their newly tightened faces. They were free from wrinkles and sagging, but there was no hiding the sudden change, and the results were never subtle or natural-looking. 

Sculptra Injectable is a perfect solution for the jowls, under eyes, cheek area, and temples. Sculptra is injected deeper than HA Fillers, and the use of a cannula is a common practice. Slight Swelling and bruising occur but usually much less than with HA filler since a cannula is used to inject deep, and the product is layered directly on the bone.

Everyone loses Volume as they Age 

It is now widely documented that there is a loss of volume throughout your face and body as we age. Bone Loss, Muscle Loss, and Fat Loss are the culprit for sagging of the mid-face, lower face, and other areas of the body! Fat pads throughout the face become less pronounced and bony resorption through the facial skeleton and jaw. Even if our skin doesn’t stretch from gravity, there is often sagging from the loss of structural support.

How much volume loss takes place as we age? Beginning at thirty, about 1-2 cc of loss occurs subtly per year. It isn’t until the late thirties or early forties that we notice real changes. It seems to match the so-called “tipping point” in women, just as they end their most “fertile” years. Women in her fifties will have to replace 20-30 cc of volume in their face. Physicians are left to combat this long-standing, evolutionary process and keep us looking young longer. 


Turn Back the Clock with HA Fillers and Sculptra

Fortunately, dermal fillers can reverse the loss of volume that inevitably comes with aging avoiding the costs, downtime, and risks associated with surgery. The most recognized fillers include Restylane and Juvederm Fillers. These are hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers that last about a year, with most of their longevity based on their ability to absorb water. 

HA fillers are great for small corrections; such as around the eyes, lips, marionettes, and nasolabial folds. The cost/benefit ratio turns negative, however, when the number of syringes exceeds 5-6. Add Sculptra Injectable to your beauty regimen once the aging process sets in, and you can count on looking younger with a maintenance dosage once per year. Your need for filler will be reduced, not eliminated.

The Only Filler That Can Correct Volume Deficits Gradually is Sculptra! 

 After a full correction with Sculptra, touch-ups with one or two vials are necessary every twelve to eighteen months. Not only does the product produce a long-lasting and natural result, but it’s a cost-effective solution.

When comparing Sculptra to an HA-filler, one vial of will volumize what approximately four syringes of HA can handle. The cost of Sculptra is about 1.5 times the price of the average Dermal Filler. It turns out that to volumize the face, it is about “one to 2 vials per decade” depending on the patient’s needs and goals. For this reason, consider Sculptra the “worker bee” for replacing the structural loss of the face. Fine-tuning and enhancing is the job of Fillers such as Restylane Lyft, Restylane Refyne, Defyne, and other HA Filler products. 

What is the Primary Goal of Sculptra Injectable?

Although there is still the component of excess skin in the aging face, the primary cause of wrinkles and loose skin (skin laxity) is due to volume loss. Correcting volume deficits should be the primary focus of reversing the signs of aging. Of all fillers, Sculptra stands out in its ability to produce a long-lasting, cost-effective, natural solution for large volume replacements. This product is ideal for results lasting up to 2 years and longer with regular maintenance dosages.

Get the Best Results! 

For even better results, consider combining Sculptra with HA Fillers, the Silhouette Instalift, and Vivace RF Microneedling. Of course, you have to follow certain steps and adhere to timelines in between treatments when it comes to fillers in conjunction with Radiofrequency treatments and thread lifts. 

Dr. Mir Varquez usually recommends waiting 4-6 weeks to inject the 2nd dose of Sculptra for the full initial treatment to reach optimal results. If, for example, the patient commits to 4 vials of Sculptra total, then she would inject two vials during the first treatment and then two vials 4-6 weeks later.

At Belle D’ Mir Med Spa we are committed to helping patients enhance their natural beauty. Visit us for a complimentary consultation today in Cullman, Alabama. WE OFFER CARE CREDIT FINANCING AND PROVIDE SEASONAL SAVINGS. 

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